Handikhoh, Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh - Scenic views and serene environment

Trekking, Scenic

Ravines and valleys are the gems of any hill station and fortunately, Pachmarhi is quite rich in this respect. The best example to justify the sentence is Handi Khoh, one of the best valleys in Pachmarhi. It is about 300 feet in height and is perfectly covered with lust green vegetation. The entire scenario is magnificent as well as heart-throbbing. Actually, there is a famous myth associated with this spot and according to that, the place was a mesmerizing lake in former times. A snake was safeguarding the lake, which was later on killed by Lord Shiva. Entire lake was dried up by the divine powers and the dried area was imposing the shape of Handi or pot. Therefore, this is how the place got its name!

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