Handicrafts Market, Mexico - Handicrafts, Woven and Beaded Jewelry, Ceramics, Guitars, Embroidery, Baskets, Wooden Toys, Leather Shopping Bags

Scenic, Handicrafts

Located at an opportune point in the metropolis, the Handicrafts Market is frequented by large number of locals as well as foreign visitors in the township. Oaxaca is the capital city of the state of Oaxaca and is situated near the centre of the state in a high mountain vale. The town of Oaxaca is rich in history and culture and this is reflected throughout the various artefacts that are on exhibit in the handicrafts market of Oaxaca. There are villages in the locale well-known for their pottery, weaving, embroidery, and wood carvings, there are splendid natural areas, and archaeological sites that provide a peep of Oaxaca’s past civilizations.


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