Mexico Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Mexico

Because of its position on a high plateau and its high altitude (over 7000 feet) Mexico City enjoys mild, pleasing weather nearly all year.  Its winters, while cooler than the summers, are very meek. October through May is the city's dry season, this period having very little rain, while June through September is said to be the "rainy season".  During the summer months it rains normally once a day, although the rain hardly ever lasts longer than a few hours. June to August are the hottest months in the lively resort of Cancun, while April and May witness the highest temperatures in Mexico’s capital Mexico City, where lowest temperatures are generally in January and February. The dry season here is November to May, and this is followed by four months of major precipitation, with average rainfall of 170mm in July. Humidity is highest in September in Mexico City.


Southern coastal cities like Puerto Angel, Mazatlan or Tulum are sure to be warm for most of the year, and in the summer, quite hot. Coastal areas and lowlands are hot and humid with high dampness, while the central plateau is temperate even in winter. Hurricane season begins in June and ends in November with most hurricanes whirling in August and October.

Best Season : March to May. Temperature: Summer 25 to 29°C, Winter 20 to 24°C