Food of Gods Festival, Mexico - Temple, Mexican Cuision, Beverages, Cakes, Seven Moles, Corn, Chocolate

Temple, Scenic

Food of the Gods Festival held in Oaxaca offers travellers with the best of the country’s gastronomy. This food festival is well-known all over the world and attracts tourists and certainly the food lovers. The annual festival organized in the month of October gives an insight in the regional delicacies and the significance of the city in the culinary world. Oaxaca is a gorgeous land attracting people from all parts of the world for its diverse culture and traditions and magnificent sightseeing spots. The diverse culture of Oaxaca has cultivated the food cultures of the region. The tasty and mouth watering cuisine of the region is simply a pleasure. Food of the Gods Festival in Oaxaca City is in praise of the marvellous flavours of the region.

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