Gurudwara Santokhsar Sahib, Amritsar, Punjab - Religious belief and architectural grandeur


The Gurudwara Santokhsar Sahib is one of the five chronological buildings that were constructed by Guru Arjan Dev Ji. The tunnel of this hallowed tank started by Guru Amar Das Ji and was finished by Guru Arjan Dev Ji between 1587 and 1589. At the time of excavation, Guru Amar Das Ji identified a saint named Santakha, who is considering being native of this place. The saint died after telling Guru Amar Das Ji that he was waiting for a Guru to offer him deliverance. Hence, the container was named as Santokhsar and Gurudwara as Santokhsar Sahib. This Sikh memorial is situated just 700 m away from Harmandir Sahib and can be reached by walking or taking a cycle rickshaw.

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