Amritsar Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Amritsar

Amritsar is often characterized by its extreme summer and winter weather conditions. The summers are excessively scorching and winters are excessively frosty. The summers are actually hot and visitors need to adjust themselves with the dehydrated and scorching temperature.


In Amritsar, summers are usually between April and June with very hot temperature. The temperature may soar up to 49 °C. Tourists generally avoid visiting Amritsar in summers. From July to October, it’s rainy season in Amritsar with mild to heavy rainfalls. The weather is generally pleasant during this time. November to March is the winter season for Amritsar and temperature may dip to a freezing -4°C.


The most excellent time to visit Amritsar is between the months of October and March. During these months, weather here is cool and pleasant and ideal for visiting the city.

Best Season : Oct - March. Temperature: Summer 24 to 45°C, Winter 4 to 27°C

Monthly Amritsar Weather

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