Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Dandeli, Karnataka - Bird-Watching and wildlife

Wildlife, Scenic, Bird Watching

Wildlife Safari is the best way to explore the lush and dense forests of Dandeli. For the best ride to these deciduous forests, it is advisable to take experienced guides with you on a jeep ride. To get engrossed in watching exotic natural beauty, habitat of wild animals, uncommon reptiles and fabulous birds is really ever-remembering experience of the lifetime. Most commonly seen rare species of animals in Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary are the Sloth Bears, The Indian Pangolin, the Malabar giant Squirrel, the Barking Deer, the Giant Iguana, and many more. The main attraction of this sanctuary is the Indian Bison or the Gaur. If you love to watch different types of birds, then you will sure enjoy watching birds like Hornbills, darters, kingfishers, egrets, falcon and much much more!!

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