Travel Within Dandeli


Dandeli offers lots of wonderful options for travelling within the city for sightseeing and also for exploring the entire city.


Walk leisurely on the foot

Though it sounds amazing but truly it is the best option to explore and enjoy the majestic charm of the city on the foot. Dandeli is not a very big city, so it is very comfortable to be on foot rather than choosing any other local transport.


Safari Ride

There are lots of Safari rides available for you to make your trip to Dandeli interesting. Basically, these rides are managed by the government and therefore, allow you to traverse the complete wildlife sanctuary. The cost of these rides usually charges INR 350 to 500.For exploring the wildlife sanctuary, one of the main attractions in Dandeli, you have to opt this option only as the private vehicles are not allowed here.


River rafting

Generally, this option does not come under the category of local modes of transportation but then also, it will prove to be very attention-grabbing!! Its fare varies from INR400 to 500.


Local buses

For the convenience of the tourists, there are loads of local buses plying on the road for the covering the entire city.