History of Dandeli


Though the history of the Dandeli is not that much interesting as it is one of the scenic cities and not the historical city, yet it has a past. There was a servant named Dandelappa working at the house of a Mirashi. He was used to fall in love with a lady of his family and she proposed him. But, because of its loyalty and innocence, he refused her. She used to react very wild at his decision and told her brother that Dandelappa misbehaved with her. Her brothers, in strong fury, decided to kill him and they did so. After killing him, her brothers threw away his head and body parts in different directions. You can see two famous temples in Dandeli formed to memorize him. People of Dandeli showed their great courtesy towards the loyalty of Dandelappa by worshipping him from the depth of their heart. Thus, it’s the entire story how the city got its name – Dandeli as it was an outcome of the Dandelappa!!