Chitwan National Park, Nepal - Scenic Beauty

Mountaineering, Lakes, Amusement Park

The Chitwan National Park lies south-west of Kathmandu close to the Indian front line and is designated in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage sites. Sheltered within the park are relics of the forest which once roofed the Indian sub-continent from the Indus in Pakistan to the Burmese boundary. Chitwan is positioned in the Rapti dale, biggest of the flat "dun" valleys of the inner Tarai extrication the Siwalik Hills in the south from the mountains of the Mahabharat chain to the north. The northern segment of the park takes in the floodplains of the rivers Reu, Rapti and Narayani, a flat region of pampas, swamps and lakes 150 m above sea level. To the south Chitwan extends into the hills of the Siwalik range.

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