Nepal Shopping


“Shop till you drop” should be the mantra as Kathmandu is a shoppers’ heaven. Kathmandu offers everything from extravagant boutiques, shopping centers, to bargain stores and souks. There are copious tourist shops on the main streets and in the hotel walkways packed with enticing jewelry, statues, and other archetypal Nepalese craft. Each place has its exclusive product which is unique. Bhaktapur, for instance, is the place to buy earthenware. The Traditional Craftsman's Colony in Patan is a famed center for Nepalese handicraft. You may get carved-wooden items while at Patan. For finest brands and high fashion, Durbar Marg is consumers’ Mecca. And made garments like shawls, woolen sweaters, jackets, trousers and caps are few of the interesting souvenir to take back home.