Durbar Square, Nepal - Fort

Scenic, Fort

As with the palaces of Kathmandu and Patan, Durbar Square in Bhaktapur is on the record of UNESCO world cultural heritage sites. The fortress-like palace, standing on the uppermost point of the plateau, possibly dates back to the time of Yaksha Malla. The oldest part of the fortress is thought to be Mul Chowk, erected in the 14th c. as the dwelling of the goddess Taleju. The Pashupati Mandir, based on the model of Deopatan, is also credited to Yaksha Malla. The fortress precinct was further comprehensive during the time of Jagati Jyoti Malla, as was Taumadhi Tole. The huge Narayana Pagoda dates from the sovereignty of Jitamitra Malla of 16th Century.

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