Pokhara Valley, Nepal - Hills and Forests

Lakes, Scenic

The Pokhara Valley lies at an altitude of 2625 ft, some 1641 ft lower than Kathmandu. It enjoys an amusing climate with temperatures ranging between 15-26°C. Thus privileged by climate the vegetation in the dale is lush; orchids, bougainvilleas, banana plants and cacti all thrive. Rice grown in the Pokhara Valley is well-known for its delicious essence. In the 124 sq. km of the valley there are half a dozen lakes, the largest of which is the 3 km long Lake Phewa with Pokhara on its shore. One of the Sapti (Seven) Gandakis, it takes the name Seti from its sandstone river-bed. The Pokhara Valley forms a slender oasis of forested hillsides and farmland against a milieu of 23,000-26,000 ft peaks in the Himalayan string.

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