Brahma Kapal, Badrinath, Uttarakhand - A holy ghat near Badrinath Temple

Temple, Scenic, Lakes

Located at the banks of River Alaknanda, the Brahma Kapal is a holy ghat near the Badrinath Temple. It is a flat platform where prayers and rituals are performed by the devotees to pay homage and sraddha to the departed souls of their ancestors. According to the mythological beliefs, this was the place where Lord Shiva got relieved from the curse of killing Brahma. It is also the place where the head of Brahma had fallen off from Shiva’s trident and thus the place was known as Brahma Kapal. The temple of Mata Murti, Sheshnetra and Chandrapaduka are also located here in the vicinity that draws a number of tourists to the place.

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