History of Bhopal


Bhopal has undergone through a very glorious past because the city is among the oldest cities of India. Therefore, you will find it very interesting to hear the legends and stories related to brave events took place here. Many rulers ruled this amazing city for a long time and almost all the rulers tried their best to add to its history and architecture.


Raja Bhoj was the ruler to construct the city named Bhojpal during the 11th century. As per few legends, it was the original city – Bhopal. After few years, the city came under the reign of the Mughals and they ruled over the city till the early 18th century. Then, in 1723, an Afghan soldier, Dost Mohammad built huge area of Bhopal. With the help of Rani Kamalpathi, he became successful in defending against the Rajput rulers in the neighboring area.


It is not at all possible to finish the history of Bhopal without mentioning the deeds of the Begums. The city was under the control of the female rulers of the regal family for more than 100 years and amazingly, they ruled over the state very effectively. The main female ruler was Begum Nawab Sultan Jahan. In 1926, the kingdom went into the hands of the son of the Sultan Jahan named Hamidullah. At the time of his rule only, the Bhopal was assigned “Instrument of Accession” and after that it took the shape of modern and well-developed city.