History of Ayodhya


Ayodhya is dotted with a fascinating history which is said to be associated with the legendary king Lord Rama. In earlier times, it was the capital of Kaushal province located at the banks of River Ghagra. The Ikshvaku of the Suryavanshi dynasty ruled here and Lord Rama was one of the kings of this clan whose legendary tales gave birth to the great Hindu epic of Ramayana. The city is also of utmost significance for the Jainis as it is the birth place of the two famous tirthankaras, Rishabh and Gandhara of Mahavira about 2000 years ago.


The historical evidences state the city as a major Buddhist center during the 5th century BC. It was also a trade hub in 600 BCE. The Muslim and Mughal rulers also reined the city and it became a province of Mughal empire in the 15th century. In 1856, it was annexed by the British and it was the main centre where the spark of Indian Independence was originated.