Ayodhya Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Ayodhya

Ayodhya experiences an extreme kind of climate all round the year with extreme hot in summers and cold weather in winters. The best time to visit the city is from October to March as the climate during winters is quite pleasant and ideal to enjoy tourist activities in Ayodhya.


Summer months extend from March to June and are extremely hot. The mercury level may rises up to 47 degree C and minimum to 29 degree C. May is the hottest month of the year and the scorching heat and dry climate is not regarded good to travel around the city.


Winters last from July to September and are quite cold with temperature varying from minimum 10 degree C to maximum 30 degree C. The days are cool and pleasant and are ideal to enjoy a pilgrimage tour in the city of Ayodhya; however the nights are bit colder.


The months from July to September mark the advent of monsoon accompanied with good rainfall. Though the climate becomes pleasant but the region becomes muddy and may spoil your tour in the city.

Best Season : Oct to Mar. Temperature: Summer 29 to 47°C, Winter 10 to 30°C

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Monthly Ayodhya Weather

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