Agartala Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Agartala

Agartala has a monsoon-influenced humid climate with heavy rain throughout the year. Long, hot summers and short, pleasant winters are the characteristics of the weather here.

  • The summers are long, hot and wet, with temperatures zooming up to 33 degrees Celsius between March and June. This season lasts till October, with the average temperatures hovering around 28 degrees Celsius, interspersed with rainfall.
  • The brief Agartala winters begin sometime around mid-October and go on till February, with the temperature dropping down to 18 degrees. This mild winter is mostly dry.
  • July to October has the maximum amount of rain with intense humidity in the region. Don’t forget to carry your umbrellas otherwise the dark clouds might unexpectedly dampen your spirits!

The ideal weather for sightseeing in the city is during the winter season – between the months of October and February. The beautiful landscape of the city is at its scenic best during this period. Cultural programmes marked by traditional folk dances and songs of the local tribal communities are another attraction for the tourists in winters. The Orange Festival, Diwali as well as the Durga Puja are must-sees for visitors to Agartala during this time.

Best Season : Sept - Apr. Temperature: Summer 24 to 36°C, Winter 6 to 28°C

Monthly Agartala Weather

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