Travel Within Raipur


For travelling within the city – Raipur is quite easy and comfortable because of the availability of numerous means of local transport. This amenities are present in the Raipur because of two reasons – tourist destination and secondly, also famous among students because of having numerous colleges too. The most common local means of transport are local buses, auto rickshaws, and also taxis.


City Buses

Usually, one can see loads of city buses plying over the roads of Raipur for facilitating the tourists and other local people for travelling within the city. Raipur City Bus Limited was launched by Raipur Municipal Corporation for the same. As it is government body, so its charges are very low and reasonable.


Auto Rickshaws

Auto rickshaws are most commonly found in the main markets, auto stands and in almost all the streets of Raipur. Therefore, one can hire auto rickshaws for intra-city travel purpose. But, before hiring auto, it is advisable to negotiate the rent asking the rates from local people.



Though rarely found but taxis are also one of the fastest means of local transportation in the Raipur city of Chhattisgarh. The rates of taxis are little bit high but affordable for easy travelling.