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Raipur Food


Fond of eating delightful and delicious Chhattisgarhi cuisines, then you are at the proper place i.e. Raipur!! The main fascination of Raipur is Chhattisgarhi food with strong aroma and delicious taste and also you can get the tribal cuisines. Don’t worry if you not like all these local cuisines because there are numerous restaurants and eating joints that offer typical Indian food also. Other than famous restaurants, you should also not miss the experience of eating at the small eateries standing at the roadside as they too serve the lip-smacking snacks and other delicious dishes too.


Most popular restaurants in Raipur are Simran Motel, Anghiti Family Restaurant, Manju Mata Restaurant, Carvan Sarai, Veggiie, Cinnamon Restaurant, Girnar Restaurant, Saffron Restaurant, Noorhahan, Swagatam Restaurant, Punjabi Zaika Garden Restaurant, Maitry Restaurant and many more. Not to be missed in Raipur is it one of the most oldest shop named Sahu Jalebi Bhandar for its mouth-watering breakfast including poha, sev and of course, tasty jalebis!! Getting your taste bud active!!


The focal point of all these restaurants are they not only serve the tasty and yummy fare but also they used to prepare the dishes by making use of traditional ingredients and with full hygiene.