History of Raipur


Raipur is one of the most ancient cities of India and at that time, during 2nd and 3rd century AD, and was under the control of Satvahana Dynasty. King Samudragupta captivated Raipur in 4th century and ruled over Raipur till the 5-6th century AD. After some time, the region had fallen into the hands of Sarabhpuri Kings and the Nala Kings respectively. Then, Somavanshi Rajas dominated the region for long time and declared Sirpur as its capital city. During the reign of this dynasty, Mahashigupt Balarjun was the most loyal king.


After sometime, the city came under the ruling period of the Kalchuris and they declared Ratanpur as its capital. King Ramchandra was the main founder of the city.


According to one more legend, it is believed that Raipur got its name after the name of son of King Ramachandra named Brahmdeo Rai. Khalwatika was the capital city of Raipur during his ruling period. In the reign of this king only, in 1402 AD, a magnificent temple was built named the Hatkeshwar Mahadev. This temple was built on the River Kharun banks. This ruling period of this dynasty came to an end with King Amarsingh Deo’s death and was taken over by the Bhosle Kings.