Travel Within Puducherry


For travelling within the Pondicherry, there are lots of options available. One can opt for any of the four modes of local transportation in Pondicherry – Bus, taxi, auto rickshaws and on foot.



Local buses are the main source of travelling within the city. Local buses provide their services to reach any place in city and also it covers almost all attractions in Pondicherry. The charges of local buses are too minimal and revolve round only INR 3 to 10 per person.



Taxis are the common modes of inter travel in Pondicherry and also these are the fastest mode too. Though the rents of the taxis are little bit higher but these save time and offers comfort.


Rented vehicles

If you want to move around the city on your own, then also there are numerous options in Pondicherry like you can hire car, bicycles and also two wheelers. For bicycle, you have to pay INR 40 per day, for two wheelers it’s about INR 250 per day and scooters could be hired in INR 200 per day.


Auto Rickshaws

There are numerous auto rickshaws available in Pondicherry to explore all around the city and the fares of auto rickshaws are too normal ranging from INR 5 to 10.