Travel Within Aizawl


For travelling within Aizawl city, the most commonly used modes of local transport are taxis, local buses and cabs.



Taxis are easily available for travelling all around and within the city. These are the simplest and fastest mode of transportation in Aizawl. Though extra night charges are not there but the charges of taxis are negotiable as the taxis are not metered.


Local buses

Local buses ply over the roads of Mizoram state to provide connectivity of Aizawl to other nearby cities. As these are run by Government named MST(Mizoram State Transport), therefore, the charges are quite minimal and affordable to all. These buses also provide their services to travel within the city.


Auto rickshaws

Auto rickshaws can also be seen in Aizawl as mode of local transportation but these are rarely found. The charges of auto rickshaws are also nominal but it is advisable to ask for the rent from the local people as the autos are not metered too. But one can find the autos very comfortable in reaching the local places and markets too.