Aizawl Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Aizawl

Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram, faces the sub-tropical climate and is quite mild and pleasant throughout the year. The climate is so favorable just because of its elevation and location.


Summers in Aizawl are not so hot and humid but is cool. The temperature varies from 20°C minimum to 30°C maximum. Basically, the summer months in Aizawl are March to May.


Rainy season in Aizawl must be avoided for a visit as the city faces heavy rains during the monsoon months. These rainy months are from June to September.


Winter throw its impression during the months from November to February. During these months, the temperature swings between 11°C and 21°C.


The best time to visit this mind-boggling destination is during the winter season i.e. the months between November to March. The scenario during these months has wonderful blue calm sky, cool breezy mornings and silent peaceful nights. Also, one can take pleasure of grand festival named the ChapcharKutorganized during the month – February or March sometimes. In September, you could take part in the MimKut festival. And finally, if you make mind to go in December or January, then you could get involved in Pawl Kut festival of Aizawl.

Best Season : Nov to Mar. Temperature: Summer 20 to 25°C, Winter 9 to 15°C

Monthly Aizawl Weather

Month Feb best time to visit aizawl Mar best time to visit aizawl Apr best time to visit aizawl May best time to visit aizawl Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan best time to visit aizawl
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High 22°C 25°C 27°C 27°C 25°C 25°C 26°C 26°C 25°C 23°C 21°C 21°C
Low 14°C 16°C 18°C 19°C 19°C 19°C 19°C 20°C 18°C 15°C 13°C 11°C