Travel Within Agra


Whenever you visit a city for a leisure vacation, try to explore its each nook and corner making your trip enjoyable. Do everything whatever the city offers to you and make your trip a memorable one. Travelling within Agra can be as easy as in your own city or country. It is always advisable that for an enjoyable ride within the city, take a transportation which comforts you.


In Agra, you can hire a cab/taxi to maintain your privacy all through your ride within the city. The fares are fixed and it depends upon the distance travelled. Another easily available transportation is the bus run by the local transport operators. Buses run from one point to another within the city. To know the city more nicely, you can take these buses and visit the major attractions in the city and around it. The bus fare is very cheap.


Autos are another mode of transportation that will help you to travel within the city in a cost-effective manner. The auto fares are not too high and it depends upon the kilometres that have been travelled.


Another interesting mode of transportation is the rickshaws that will help you to travel from one point to another in the local areas and the narrow lanes of Agra.