Tashi Jong, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh - Monestery, Tibetian Restaurants, Scenic Beauty

Art Gallery, Scenic

Apart from a religious center of Buddhists, the Tashi Jong monastery serves as a community and has provided shelter to a number of Tibetan refugees. The monastery is beautifully ornamented with various wall paintings reflecting the culture and tradition of Tibet. The main sanctorum is represented by curved roofs having golden-red ornamentation portraying the prayer flag. The monastery also houses a craft emporium which is noted for its beautiful collection of exquisite Tibetan artifacts and other articles reflection their culture and tradition. Moreover, a college and a Tibetan restaurant are also located nearby.  Bounded by imposing locales of the Kangra Valley and serene ambience, the monastery is a great tourist attraction to be visited in Palampur.

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