Baijnath Shiva Temple, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh - Temple, Monuments, Scenic Beauty

Monuments, Scenic, Temple

Baijnath Shiva Temple is a legendary Shiva Temple which was established by the two merchants namely Ahuka and Manyuka in 1204 AD. Regarded as one of the finest monuments in the region, the temple boasts of marvelous structural designs that show resemblance to the famous Jagannatha Temple of Puri. The elegant designs and wonderful carvings of the temple showcase the unparallel architecture of the bygone era. Inside the temple, the Shivalingam is placed on an adytum or puri having width of 8-18 feet and depicts the Svayambhu form of Lord Shiva.  The entrance hall of the temple leads to the mandapa which opens in two massive balconies and an idol of Nandi is placed in front of the mandapa amidst a four pillared porch.

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