Kangra Fort, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh - Forts, Monuments, Temples

Fort, Hill Station, Monuments, Scenic

Also known as the Nagar Kot, the Kangra Fort is a magnificent historical monument of Palampur which was built by Bhuma Chand. The massive fort is elevated at a height of 350 feet above sea level and is extended over an area of 4 km at the confluence of river Manji and Banganga. The entrance of the fort is called as the Ranjit Singh Gate which leads to the top of the fort by passing across the Ahani and Amiri Gates constructed by Nawab Alif Khan. Enveloped by thick walls and strong fortifications, the fort also houses various temples and a polygonal watch tower that draw the tourists’ attention. Bounded by beautiful landscapes and rolling mountains, the Kangra Fort presents an enchanting place to be visited in Palampur.

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