Sriniketan, Santiniketan, West Bengal - Handicrafts, Agriculture, Arts

Handicrafts, Scenic

Santiniketan together with Sriniketan forms the massive complex of Vishwa-Bharti. Sriniketan was established in 1992 as a centre for rural reconstruction and focuses on the education related to the fields of agriculture, handicrafts, cottage industries. Village welfare and adult education. The main concept of Tagore behind Sriniketan is to train the nearby villages in crafts and to establish a bridge between the urban educational world of Vishwa- Bharati and the downtrodden rural population. Presently the tourists visiting to Santiniketan can have a look at the exclusive rural handicrafts, traditional pottery, batik work, weaving fabrics and leather items made skillfully by the rural population of the region.

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