Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary, Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand - forests, wildlife, bird watching

Bird Watching, Scenic, Wildlife

Located at the border of the Corbett National Park, the Sonanadi Sanctuary is known for its population of Asiatic elephants and tigers. It got its name from the Sonanadi River and is blessed with exotic flora and fauna. The tropical forests of the sanctuary are dotted with various medicinal plants and endangered herb species including aonla, figs, bamboo, kanthber, semal, sal, sheesham and bakli etc. Moreover it is home to over 600 species of colorful birds that make it a haven for the bird lovers. Here you can spot flycatchers, pheasants, Himalayan pied kingfisher, vulture, falcon and fish owls etc along with some species of reptiles like python monitor lizard, cobra and turtles. With such an amazing variety of wildlife, the sanctuary is a must visit tourist attraction while your trip to Corbett.

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