Best Season & Best time to visit Shimla

As Shimla is situated in the lower ranges of the Himalayas, it experiences extreme climatic conditions. Being situated at an altitude of 2213 meters above sea level, it gives Shimla a diverse climatic condition.


As other Indian cities, Shimla too has three distinctive seasons. The summer season in Shimla stretches from April to June and the temperature during this period varies between 28°C maximum and 15°C minimum. During the summer, its weather is very enjoyable all around the area, as the weather is mild. In summer, one can wear light cotton garments and woolen clothes. 


Shimla receives an average annual rainfall and the season extends from July to September. The rainfall in Shimla is about 166 centimeters.


The winter season in Shimla is very chilling and the temperature even dips too down. The temperature during winter is of 8°C maximum and minimum of 0°C and extends from December to February. During the end of December, the snowfall takes place. During this time you can enjoy winter sports which are the major attraction in winters. Lots of tourists visit Shimla during winter to enjoy the mesmerizing when the Himalaya is covered with white snow. The cold becomes unbearable at that time and one has to wear heavy woolen garments. 


The best time to visit Shimla is from October to November and from March to May.

Best Season : Sep - Jun. Temperature: Summer 14 - 28°C, Winter -2 - 10°C

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Monthly Shimla Weather

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