History of Shimla


As the area was near the temple of Goddess Shyamala so the name Shimla was given. Its history dates back to the year 1819. Earlier Shimla was under the rule of Gurkhas and during the Gurkha War, the British invaded the city. After a certain period of time, the British rulers started developing the place, making it perfect for living.


In the year 1822, the Scottish civil servant Pratt Kennedy built the first summer home here. In 1827, a summer camp was set up by the Governor-General of Bengal Lord Amherst. During this time, there was only one cottage in the region but within ten years hundreds of cottages were built in the town.


Soon Shimla became a hot spot for the Britishers during the hot weather conditions in India. Later it became headquarters of the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army and many Departments of the Government and their presence made this city the summer capital of India in 1864. Soon British soldiers, merchants, and civil servants used to move here with their family every year which led to the formation of Shimla society.


After independence it was made the capital of Punjab but in 1966 it was established as Himachal Pradesh’s capital.