Punganur Lake, Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu - A beautiful man made lake

Scenic, Picnic, Lakes, Garden, Fishing, Boating, Bird Watching

Frequently by the tourists, the Punganur Lake is an artificially made beautiful lake in Yelagiri. Having a circumference of 57 sq m, the lake is popular among the tourists due to its boating and rowing facilities. A fountain is located in the middle on the lake which can be reached by boating. Moreover, a beautiful flori culture garden is also there near the lake housing wonderful varieties of colorful flowers and it is also a great place to rest in the lap of Mother Nature. Near it lies a Mughal garden where people can take a leisurely walk or rest under the shade of the dense trees watching flocks of birds who gather there to have their feed. The garden also houses different equipments for the kids to play and enjoy. Overall, it is a fantastic place for the people of all ages who want to spend some beautiful moments amidst the scenic beauty.

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