Culture of Yelagiri



The people of Yelagiri are very simple living and helpful. They have yet not been influenced by the urbanization of the rest of the world and live in deep harmony and peace with one another. The rich culture of the people of the hill town is clearly reflected in their daily work including agriculture, horticulture and forestry.


Religion and Language

The predominant religion in Yelagiri is Hinduism and thus cultural and religious activities here are mainly influenced by Hinduism and agriculture. Tamil is the most widely spoken language in the town. However, English and Hindi are also spoken.


Fairs and Festivals

Summer Festival is the most common festival to be held in Yelagiri. It is government organized festival in which all the local inhabitants of the town take active participation and the main aim behind this festival is to showcase the rich culture and tradition of the place. Other important festivals include Pongal, Diwali and Mariyamman etc.



The cuisine of Yelagiri comprised of traditional South Indian cuisine mainly rice based meals. Cooked vegetables garnished with coconut are eaten with rice. Jackfruit is the specialty of the region. The popular sweet dishes of Yelagiri include paysam and jangiri.