Yelagiri Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Yelagiri

Yelagiri experiences a moderate climate all round the year. The seasonal variations in the region are not extreme and the climate here consists of summer, winter, south east monsoon and north east monsoon. The best time to visit the hill town of Yelagiri is from November to February.


The summer month in Yelagiri begins from the month of March and lasts till June. The town experiencesa hot climate during summers with maximum temperature of 35 degree C. However, the temperature drops down to minimum 27 degree C during nights as cool winds make the weather cooler at night.


Monsoon in the town extends from July to November and the region experiences heavy rainfall and thunder storms due to south east and North West monsoon. The temperature varies between 25 and 17 degree C during monsoon.


Winters lasts from December to February with temperature varying from 11 to 25 degree C. The days are warmer as compared to the nights. However this is the best time to enjoy the sightseeing and natural beauty of the town and it is indeed the peak time for the tourists in Yelagiri.

Best Season : . Temperature: Summer °C, Winter °C

Monthly Yelagiri Weather

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