Kodaikanal Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Kodaikanal

Kodai is the most popular among the honeymooners because of its wonderful climate. Nestled at the high altitude, Kodaikanal faces subtropical climate. During summers, Kodaikanal faces the temperature ranges between 11degreesC to 20degreesC. Summers falls during the months from March to May. Therefore, summers in Kodaikanal are not too hot and dry offering favorable climate.


Winters of Kodaikanal are very cold but pleasant. The city faces the temperature ranging between 8degreesC to 17degreesC. Winters falls during the months September to January and after October, the temperature falls down to zero in January.


Monsoon season of Kodai enhances the beauty of the city just by bringing greenery on all the sides. Hills get completely drenched and really, to describe the panoramic view, words seem much less. But, avoid visit to Kodaikanal in rainy season as the city gets prone to landslides during this season. Monsoon season comes to an end in September and starts from June. Average rainfall faces by this hill station is about 1650mm per year.


Therefore, the best time to explore this dazzling hill station is between April and June and then, during the months between September to October. Also, it will be more exciting if you make up your mind to visit Kodai during summer festivals that held in May.


Best Season : Apr - Jun and Sept - Oct. Temperature: Summer 11 to 20°C, Winter 8 to 17 °C

Monthly Kodaikanal Weather

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