History of Jodhpur


History of Jodhpur city is very interesting and impressive and revolves around the Rathore Dynasty. The head of Rathore Dynasty, Rao Jodha, was the main founder of Jodhpur and he got this idea in 1459. That is the reason for resemblance of the names of both – Jodha and Jodhpur. Jodhpur was declared as the capital of entire Marwar region.


The main story of origin of Jodhpur is worthy of note. Afghans forced away the Rathores from their homeland – Kaunaj. After that, the Rathores reached Pali, a place very close to Jodhpur. There Rathore got married to the sister of Prince of Pali. After getting married, Rathore had become the strong ruler with so many man-forces. Within few years, they left Pratiharas of Mandore, former capital of  Marwar. But gradually, as the need arises of secured capital city, he decided to form a city and in this way, Jodhpur emerges. Rathores shared long strong relationships with all Mughals except Aurangzeb. The city took the shape of modern developed city under the rule of Maharaja Umed Singh.


Britishers got control over Jodhpur in 1818 and till Independence in 1947, the command of Jodhpur remained in the hands of British only. After Independence, Union of India made it its part and later on, Jodhpur was declared as the second largest city of Rajasthan.