Jodhpur Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Jodhpur

Jodhpur faces desert type weather throughout the year.  The climate of the city remains extreme type and the temperatures remains very high. Therefore, Jodhpur remains very hot, dry and humid for the whole year. 

  • Summers are very hot and exhausted with the temperature ranges from 36 degrees C to 42 degrees C and Jodhpur faces summer between the months March and June.
  • Winters of Jodhpur are mild and pleasant with the temperature between 10 degrees C to 24 degrees C. The atmosphere in the winter season during the months December-February is very cool and favorable.
  • If we talk of rainy season in Jodhpur, then the city faces the monsoon in the months between July to September. Annual rainfall that occurs in Jodhpur is around 32 cm.

Best time to make visit to Jodhpur in Rajasthan is between the months October and March. During this period of time, the climate for visiting Jodhpur is quite favorable and best. Also, if you make visit during these months, then you can also take participation in many colorful and blissful festivals of Jodhpur like Dusshera and Diwali festivals in October, the Marwar festival in October/November. Jodhpur also enjoys the Rajasthan International Folk Festival during these months and you can also!!

Best Season : Oct - Mar. Temperature: Summer 24 - 45°C, Winter 5 - 20°C

Monthly Jodhpur Weather

Month May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct best time to visit jodhpur Nov best time to visit jodhpur Dec best time to visit jodhpur Jan best time to visit jodhpur Feb best time to visit jodhpur Mar best time to visit jodhpur Apr
Weather Condition jodhpur-weather-in-May jodhpur-weather-in-Jun jodhpur-weather-in-Jul jodhpur-weather-in-Aug jodhpur-weather-in-Sep jodhpur-weather-in-Oct jodhpur-weather-in-Nov jodhpur-weather-in-Dec jodhpur-weather-in-Jan jodhpur-weather-in-Feb jodhpur-weather-in-Mar jodhpur-weather-in-Apr
High 41°C 40°C 27°C 25°C 24°C 20°C 15°C 11°C 25°C 28°C 33°C 38°C
Low 27°C 28°C 36°C 34°C 35°C 36°C 32°C 27°C 10°C 12°C 17°C 23°C