Chamunda Mataji Temple, Jodhpur, Rajasthan - Antique Temple


This antique temple of Chamunda Mataji is well located in the south end nook of Mehrangarh Fort. Rao Jodha was great devotee of Chamunda Mataji and just because of that devotion he brought miraculous idol of Mataji from Mandore in 1460. Since then, the royal family and the Maharajas adopted Chamunda Mataji as their main deity. Not only royal families, but even major part of local people of Jodhpur is great follower of the Chamunda Mataji. To take glimpse of the Chamunda Devi  becomes very tough job during the Dussehra celebrations in Jodhpur. Do feel the pleasure of bowing your head in front Goddess Chamunda when you make a visit to Jodhpur!!

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