History of Jaisalmer


Jaisalmer is famous for its fascinating history all over the world narrating the legends of bravery and the daring fables of Rajput Heros. Jaisalmer was founded by a Bhatti Rajput ruler named Raja RawalJaisal in 1156 AD. He founded this city lying in the middle of That Desert. Raja Rawal followed the instructions given by local recluse Eesaal to do so. Later on, Raja made up his mind to choose new site for making his palace and chose Trikut Hill, less prone to attack by enemies.


Right from the medieval ere, Jaisalmer was under constant supervision and the reason behind this is its location. There were two ways connecting India with Persia, Egypt, Africa and the west and Jaisalmer was sited in one way between the two.  Jaisalmer was quite lucky to be away from any type of bondage imposed by foreign rulers till 12th century, and it happened because of its location. But, in 13th century, the string of Jaisalmer came into the hands of Ala-ud-din-Khilji and it remained for 9 years. Then, in modern period, Jaisalmer was the last Rajputana royal to endorse the “Instrument of Agreement” with the British Government. But, in 1947, royals decided to remain in independent India only and gradually, the Jaisalmer converted into well-developed tourist destination.