Culture of Jaisalmer



People of Jaisalmer are trust worthy and are really very great to preserve the heritage of Jaisalmer with great passion. They are famous for their hospitability and politeness. Even, the people of Jaisalmer always remain very eager to help the tourists and other people.


Language and religion

Mainly, Hindi is the language spoken by the people of Jaisalmer. But, English is also well-understood by most of the people but they don’t know how to speak perfectly. Local people used to speak Rajasthani.

Hinduism is the main religion followed in Jaisalmer as majority of the people of Jaisalmer are Hindus. But one can also see equal respect to other religions like Muslim, Christians and also Jains.



Cooking of Jaisalmer is very famous all over the country. In this water scarce area, one can see very less use of green vegetables and more and more use of beans and lentils are made for cooking. Both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian foods are preferred here.


Local Festivals, Art and Music

Jaisalmer is famous for its vibrant festivals celebrated with great joy and bliss. One of the main local festivals of Jaisalmer is the Desert Festival which is celebrated in the month of February. In this festival, you will enjoy camel races, cultural folk dances, turban tying competitions, etc. Art of Jaisalmer is very marvelous and they used to produce lots of unique crafts.