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Best Season & Best time to visit Finland

In Finland the weather can differ significantly during one day, first sunshine, and then the rain. Swift changes in the weather are a distinguishing feature from one day to the next. In the winter troughs of low pressure that have formed over the North Atlantic carry mild, cloudy and wet weather on southerly and southwesterly winds. The hottest weather in the summer, on the other hand, usually comes from the southeast, bringing thunderstorms and heavy rain showers.


As far as tourism in Finland is concerned, the weather both in summer and winter has its own alien attraction. Autumn and spring are short and the weather in those seasons has its own striking features reflected by the natural surroundings. The outstanding tints on the leaves in Lapland in September are chiefly marvelous. The rich colors of the autumn last a week or two, their timing varying from year to year. Leaves attain their colorful tints after a few nights of frost. Once these colors fade away in the north, they come back speedily in southern Lapland. Elsewhere in Finland the period of autumn shrubbery occurs during September and October. In March and April the spring snow in Lapland glistens under the copious sunlight, a glorious time for a winter holiday.

Best Season : May to September. Temperature: Summer 6 to 21°C, Winter -11 to 8°C

Monthly Finland Weather

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