Finland Shopping


There are many amusing things to do in Finland, and amongst them is shopping. The best stores or at least the most stores in Finland are found in the capital and major conurbation of Helsinki, so you can definitely start you shopping escapades there. Other larger Finnish cities, like Turku and Tampere also possess some great shops, and you’ll find stores in Finland in the less-populated northern reaches as well. Textiles, ceramics, and glass products are amongst the best buys in Finland, so you might focus on these kinds of items to start with. Leather goods are of high eminence in Finland as well, as are shoes, toys, and jewelry, but you aren’t limited to any precise items. Ultimately, you’ll find something that you want to take home, whether it is a souvenir to be reminiscent you of a Finnish museum or attraction, or a handmade piece of furnishings that you will have send home.