Varmland, Sweden - Lake Upper Fryken, Skiing, Hiking, Fishing,Hunting, Safaris, Canoeing

Wildlife, Scenic, Lakes

The province of Värmland is in the west of Sweden and its western periphery borders Norway. Värmland is one colossal nature attraction. 10,000 lakes dot the forested scenery here and Sweden’s longest river, the Klara, splits the province down the middle before flowing into one of Europe’s largest lakes, Vänern, near the conurbation of Karlstad.Discover the dazzling region of Varmland in a countless of adventurous ways including floating down a river; hiking through forests; travelling by horse and cart; pedalling a specially-built trolley over disused railway tracks and unhurried canoeing downstream through picturesque countryside - at all times, keeping your eyes open for the local wildlife possibly spotting moose and eagles.

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