Malmo, Sweden - Turning Torso, Lilla Torg, The City Library, Malmöhus Castle, Malmö Konsthall

Scenic, Monuments, Amusement Park

Mablmo is the third largest and third most densely inhabited city in Sweden. Malmo is a comparatively modern city which still keeps many historic buildings and parks for the knowledge and gratification of its people. The city is well-known as the city of parks and, true to its name, it is home to many gorgeous parks. Malmo is one known to be the cleanest places on earth. It has been accredited with an award for being one of the Greenest cities on earth. In Malmo one gets to witness the HSB Turning Torso. This unique tower looks as if it is meandering. Because of its unique architecture it is constructed so that the living space increases as the floor increases.

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