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Best Season & Best time to visit Sweden

Despite its high elevation, Sweden’s climate is much milder than most people think. There are three climatic zones found all through the country. The southern and central regions are quite alike even though the neighbouring oceanic influences influence the southern reaches more than the middle of the country. Summer usually lasts between June and August with averages temperatures of about 22°C. In the north, daylight hours are much shorter than other regions and the humid summer months of June, July and August hardly get above -10°F. In the winter, i.e. between September and May, temperatures usually fall well below -2°F.


Snowfall can be quite heavy all through much of the year in the northern zone. However, in the southern regions, much of Sweden remains fairly snow-free. Only about 30 inches of rainfall falls over the 12-month stretch, which is much lower than the world average.  The best time to holiday Sweden is between June and August. The end of June throughout to the middle of July is the warmest time in the whole country, and is when most locals shed their winter coats to relax in the magnificent summer sun for several weeks. Most visitors tend to reside below the Arctic Circle, as the further north you go, the colder and darker it gets.

Best Season : June to Aug. Temperature: Summer 14 to 22°C, Winter -5 to 9°C

Monthly Sweden Weather

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High 22°C 20°C 15°C 9°C 5°C 2°C -1°C -1°C 3°C 8°C 14°C 19°C
Low 14°C 13°C 9°C 5°C 1°C -2°C -5°C -5°C -4°C 1°C 6°C 11°C