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The realm of Turkey is bordered by the mighty Aegean Sea to the west and Iran to the east, Black Sea and Georgia and Armenia to the northeast, Syrian Arab Republic and the Mediterranean to the south and Greece and Bulgaria to the northwest. Due to the vastness of the country and the geographical positions, the climatic conditions are highly unpredictable.  Turkey has seven distinctive climatic regions - Marmara, Black Sea Coast, Eastern Anatolian, South-eastern Anatolia, Central Anatolia, Mediterranean and Aegean. Each one of these region is hugely different from one another and is mainly affected due its closeness to the mountain ranges and water bodies.

Around Istanbul, i.e., the region around the Marmara, the climate seems to be more moderate where the mercury drops down to around 4°C in winter and raises around 27°C during summers. In the Aegean region, the temperature during winters will be around 9°C and 29°C during summers, portraying more of a Mediterranean climate. The climatic condition of the Anatolian region is more pampas that means, one gets to experience a huge temperature differences between day and night. The average temperature during summers will be around 23 °C and -2°C during winter. The climatic conditions of the Black Sea is humid, wet and warm, where the average temperature will be around 23°C in summers and 7°C in winters.


Best Season : Jun - Oct. Temperature: Summer 20 to 28°C, Winter 2 to 11°C

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