Travel Within Ujjain


Shared Auto Rickshaw

Shared Auto Rickshawis the most sought after mode of transport to travel within the city of Ujjain. These auto rickshaws are easily available and run across all the major places in the city. They are very cheap and charges around just 5 to 10 Rs to go to the desired places in the city.


Auto Rickshaws

Auto Rickshaws are also quite popular to travel around the city but are expensive than the shared auto rickshaws. They generally don’t run of meters and you have to fix the fare before hiring it. The normal fare may charge for 15 to 60 Rs to get across the city.



Tongas are also available as a popular and cheaper mode of transport to travel within the city.



Local bus is the most crowded and cheapest mode of travel in the city that charges from 4 to 15 Rs to reach the major places in Ujjain.