Travel Within Coimbatore


Exploring the city Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu is very sophisticated and easy as there are innumerable options available for the same. Like, you can see auto rickshaws, local buses and taxis for getting around the city.


Auto Rickshaws

The best option for getting around the city is Auto rickshaw. There are lots of auto rickshaws available at every nook of the city for the convenience of the tourists as well as locales. Auto rickshaws in Coimbatore are not metered so it is advisable to negotiate the price and decide the charge before hiring the auto.


Local Buses

For the convenience of tourists as well as local people, government offers fabulous bus service that covers the entire city. Many privately owned bus services throughout the city also facilitate to travel within the city. Top of the all, the fare of these bus services are too low as compared to private taxis and auto rickshaws.


Private Taxis

Taxis are also one of the best options to explore the city sophisticatedly. Most of the all taxis are digitally metered which minimizes the chances of being cheated and tells you the exact amount to pay. In Coimbatore, you will find so many taxis for travelling in and around the city.