History of Coimbatore


Sangam Age is supposed to be the originating era of Coimbatore. Basically, this bygone era was the time period between 3rd Century BC and 3rd Century AD and was section of the Kongu country. In earlier times, it was believed that the place was entirely covered by the tribal people and Kosars was the main tribe among them all.


Then, the ruling power went into the hands of Rashtra Kutas and then Cholas ruling period came into being. Later on, the place was captured by Chalukyas, Pandyas, Hoysalas and the Vijayanagar Kings. At the ruling period of the Pandyas, mutual conflict got started and because of which Muslim rulers began to interfere. As a result, the Kongunad region went into the hands of Madurai kingdom and they used to rule over the city for many years.


At the time of Tirumal Nayak’s kingdom, internal wars began and as a result, the Mysore kings captured the city and came into the hands of Tipu Sultan, the fame Mysore ruler. But in 1799, the British East India Company took over the Kongu region by defeating the Mysore ruler and remained in power till Independence.


In former times, the region was known as the “Covanpudur” and “Covan” was the main ruler of the place. Therefore, the place got its name by the East India Company and they addressed it as Coimbatore!!